I Rant

Posted: June 28, 2012 in Rant

It took a while to decide what I wanted to use my WordPress pages for. It just seemed silly to keep re-posting everything that I post on Blogspot and Facebook about my Story.Then I realized, as I’m sitting here waiting for the Today show to tell me that Ann Curry is leaving that I have some very good rants on occasion and this would be an excellent place to post them. So I’ve changed the name, the photo and I’m going to rant. Sometimes I might just talk about a movie. I use to write about movies and I enjoyed that, so I might toss in a few of those when the mood arises.

I’ve watched the Today show for years. I’ve been a loyal fan. I remember when they forced out Jane Pauley and put in Deborah Norville. That didn’t last. No one liked Norville and she was seen as the other woman. This is circa 1989. She was replace by Katie Couric. I’ve hung in there. I remember when Lenny had a co-fan standing next to him, Einstein. He really looked like Einstein. I wonder what happened to him?

Now it appears Ann Curry is leaving. It seems the powers that be are blaming her for a decline in ratings. What a load of crap. It has been reported they will be replacing her with one of the two clones they have reporting the other news. Savannah and Natalie something or other. Both are interchangeable. They look, act and report so much alike they could be twins. Bland, vanilla and totally forgettable. I’ve direct tweeted Ann, Matt, Al and the Today show to express my displeasure but no one care and I doubt anyone is listening.

I liked Ann because she was not a clone. She had an excellent demeanor on air, a sense of humor and a bit of whimsy and most importantly, came from Oregon (Go Ducks!!) She did such a fine job of reporting all the news, both good and bad. I dreamed of having her interview me about one of my stories someday. I thought we’d manage to make each other laugh. It would have been a good thing. Not going to happen now.

The day after Ann leaves I’ll be checking out Good Morning America.It’s not much but it’s all the power I hold. Networks are idiots. (Don’t get me started on Eureka! Damn!!) My greatest hope is that I can weave a fictionalized version of this into one of my next two stories I have planned.

Maybe Good Morning Amber would be a good title?  It could have been Amber Today.

Thanks for reading.



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