Mute This!

Posted: July 4, 2012 in Rant

Who invented the mute button? I really don’t know and I’d like to take them out for drinks and dinner in appreciation. I know Zenith had one of the first remotes, a contraption with a long wire connected to the television. Did it have a mute button back then?

Maybe I’m getting older. Maybe the times have changed faster than I have. Again I don’t know. What I do know is that I’m using my mute button more and more these days. Let me give you a couple of examples on how I’ve used it in just the past 24 hours. Here’s just a little peak behind the curtain at the man pulling on the gears of Rant.

A) I don’t begrudge the pharmaceutical companies making a commercial or two. Granted they are trying to get you to walking into your doctor’s office and tell him how to do his job. Unless you have your own medical degree that doesn’t seem like a smart approach to me, but it’s a free world. Go ahead, demand a drug from your doctor you saw on TV. Screw with your chemistry without a degree in medicine. It’s your life. Where my use of the mute button come in is the list of side effects which seem to be getting ever more graphic and long with each commercial. I think it was Jeff Foxworthy who had a hysterical routine on the subject. He ran through a list that ended with anal leakage. I think I’ve actually heard that commercial but I’m not sure any more. I have the mute button pressed. I don’t need your drug and I sure as hell don’t need to know it’s not recommended for adolescence and may cause internal bleeding, stroke or death.

B) When it comes to politics, I follow the philosophy espoused by House M. D. when he spoke of his hospital patients, Everybody Lies. Republican, Democrat, Unicorn-atarian, they all lie. Now we have huge conglomerates that can produce commercials without the candidates’ knowledge or consent. More damn lies, oh goodie. And this has been going on for at least a year and we still have (as of this writing) five more months of increasing assaults on our ear, eyes and tolerance. A couple of local news programs have tried to dissect some of the advertisements, showing us what is true and what is false in their claims. I enjoy those, but it just leads me back to my first believe, Everybody Lies. Until November I will keep the politicians muted and at the last moment read what I consider the appropriate literature and reviews and cast my vote.

 My name is Kevin Henry and I approve this message.



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