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Self Examination

Posted: February 7, 2013 in Non-Rant

I had a chance to participate in an online discussion recently. It was very helpful and enlightening regarding writing and the whole ‘being published‘ thing. We even have homework.  We were asked to consider the following, and then to respond  I thought I would share my answers here. (and yes, I know I’ve been gone forever. Stuff Happens. I’m back.)

Your Personal Strengths and Your Challenges.

Sounds like I’m in a job interview. I’ve done so many of those in the last two years I had to stop and really think about what I was going to write, not just react.

Challenges First: I don’t have a job that provides me with any discretionary monies to spend on promotion. My story sells for $1.99 and I know I’d think long and hard before buying it, if I didn’t already know how it ends. I want desperately to go to conferences, to have ‘swag’ give always and pay for a blog tour to get people to notice me, but the economics of my life right now won’t permit it. This is the hardest challenge I need to overcome.

Also I don’t have minions. I don’t have a lot of connections on all the Internet locations. I know I can change that and that it will take time. I can handle that challenge.

My Strengths: I’m a good people person. I seem to be an interesting combination of writer, a mostly solitary activity, and vaudevillian. I don’t hesitate to talk to perfect (and not so perfect) strangers. I’ve spoken to large group. I stand in line and I’ll strike up a conversation with the people around me just as easy as not. I could do personal appearances, if the need arose, or even speak at a conference. No problem.

I also have an excellent grasp of technology, both old school as well as ‘bleeding edge‘. I think that helps me use all the tool possible to polish my stories. I think this cleans things up nicely so my proof readers and editor can focus on things beside format, spelling and the like.

Thanks for reading.



Dream Dinner!

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Non-Rant

Who would you invite to a dinner party if you had the choice? Here’s my list of the guests for my Writers Dinner. Mark your calendar, men. I’m sure the invites will be going out soon.

Joss Whedon (47) – Writer. director, producer. His current credits include The Avengers. Past credits include Buffy and Firefly. A third generation media writer. What more do I need to say? Amazing awesome.

J. Michael Straczynski (57) – Writer and producer. Pulled together Babylon 5 continuity despite some vast corporate adversity. Has done comics, animation, all the good stuff. (Who ya gonna call? The Real Ghost Busters cartoon!)

Steven Moffat (50) – Writer and producer. Currently head writer for Doctor Who and has been involved with the new incarnation since it’s restart in 2005. He wrote the scripts for the movie The Adventures of Tin Tin and is responsible for the BBC show Sherlock. And don’t forget, he’s Scottish. The accent alone will be worth having him over for dinner.

If Moffat is not available I’d pick Russell T. Davies (49) – Former head writer for Doctor Who and is still deeply involved with the series Torchwood. He’s Welsh, so he might like some of my obscure references. Maybe not.

N. John Smith – I’d love to have someone involved in the Stargate series, another well crafted series, on the list. Smith was the one with the longest tenure so I picked him.

Gregory Widen – He sold a story that was made into the movie Highlander. Then the concept went viral before that was even a legitimate term. It spawned additional movies and a television series, none of which he wrote or was involved with that I could see. I’d like to talk about his feelings of the changes that were made to his original concept.

If Widen isn’t available I’d pick Jim Butcher (40). I’d like to ask him the same line of questions about The Dresden Files, although there was only one season of that television series. It certainly was not the same look and feel as any of his books.

Who did I forget? I’m sure there are plenty, but for now this will be a good start. Besides, I’m not sure where I could host that many people, especially if they all bring wifes, girls friends or guests. (My guest would be romance writer Samantha Lucas. You should check here out!)